“Survival Of The Fittest” – Kristoff Krane, Batman Da Kyd, Lt. Sunnie, Peoplez, Scola Se7en – New Track Out Now!

Survival of the Fittest

Check out the severe freshness that is “Survival Of The Fittest”;
Kristoff Krane, Batman Da Kyd, Lt. Sunnie, Peoplez, Scola Se7en!!!
Really loving this track… Give it a listen:

Here’s a little more info:
“Kristoff Krane and Carnage The Executioner have joined forces to feature the talent of young up and coming collective of artists called, LSe7en & Jets Gang Music. 
Jets Gang Music is a collective of young artists focused on spreading the arts via mentorship, team work and equal opportunity. 
LSe7en is a collective of youth who have identified the struggle and learned how to cope by following their dreams through collaborative community efforts. They state, “Its hard to be positive when you’ve seen negative all your life. We’re all trying to find our own way out the struggle, the oppression. We are here to do just that in a positive way and help others do the same. We are…The Last 7eft. A movement for the people. ” 
Both collectives found their roots while participating in an art program based out of Youthlink, called Kulture Klub, where they have access to studio resources and mentor-ship. 
Carnage The Executioner is known around the world for his on-the-fly beat box looping as the back drop for his intense lyrical onslaught. He’s been a staple on the Minneapolis Hip-Hop scene for 15+ years.
Kristoff Krane, most widely known for his freestyling chops and affiliation with Rhymesayer’s free jazz – rap act, “Face Candy”, became a member of the group after being introduced to Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen by Carnage, who was already in the band and close friends with Micheal”.

And if you’re in the area; this is the official Facebook event:

Enjoy! ~dhh

Carnage The Executioner’s “Soul Snatcher” – MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW!!

Carnage soul snatcher

Carnage The Executioner just dropped his fresh new music video for his track “Soul Snatcher (Demoniac Dimension)” from the “1 Year Later: Respect The Name Anniversary Download” album!!
Check it out here:

You can also download the full album for FREE right here:  http://carnagetheexecutioner.com/down…

Just in case you thought you might recognize this track from somewhere; you would be correct…
The Original version of “Soul Snatcher” is from the “Respect The Name” album which is available for  for purchase right here:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/resp…


You can also can also grab the original album at the following spaces:
Carnage website: http://carnagetheexecutioner.com/store
Fill In The Breaks website: http://fillinthebreaks.bigcartel.com/…
Bandcamp: http://www.fillinthebreaks.bandcamp.c…
Fifth Element online store: http://fifthelementonline.com/product…
Micheal Larsen’s Memorial Site:http://www.micheallarsen.com/2012/09/…

and follow or contact Carnage at these:
– Website: http://carnagetheexecutioner.com
– Facebook: http://facebook.com/CarnageTheExecuti
– Twitter: http://twitter.com/CarnageXXXL
– Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/carnage-the-exe
– Instagram: http://instagram.com/carnagexxxl
– Tumblr: http://carnagetheexecutioner.tumblr.com/
– Book Carnage – MJG Productions: http://mjgpro.com

Enjoy! ~dhh

Kristoff Krane’s Mixxy Leak of The Week: “Ritual” from the Mixed Blood Majority self-titled release – Free Download!

Mixxy 4

Kristoff Krane just leaked a track from “Mixxy 4”; the last installment of the “MIxxy Collection”! He’s been leaking a track a week since March and we hope it never ends.

The track is called “Ritual” Off of MIXED BLOOD MAJORITY’S self titled release available here: ftoitox.bandcamp.com/album/mixed-blood-majority-2

Check it out!

Mixxy 1-3 is available for FREE download via bandcamp and you can also purchase most of his music from the same page or from the F to I to X label.

This is one artist we really think you should be listening to and we for one can’t get enough of his music!

Peace! ~ dhh