Happy Holidays from do hiphop ♥ & All the Best for 2016!

As another year approaches it’s end, it bring a brand new fresh one open to countless possibilities!
Our wish for you is that you get everything you want out of 2016 and soo much more!


this year we had the pleasure of hosting Sage Francis in JHB and it went down really well… Thanks to each and everyone of you for coming through and making it one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever experienced!


The show was hosted by Safari of The Articulate Artists and he did an amazing job with the announcements and interacting with the crowd. Big ups! Really dope to see him up on that stage again and more so getting to see him on a new track. The local line-up consisted of some serious talent from the JHB indie scene, namely: S!CK, Soothsayers, Immaculate Mentality, ThiNXx, Slege Lee, Power of Thought, Yugen Blakrok , Tha Cutt, Exerpt and of course Sage, Thanks you all! and then to the our partners, Beneath the Surface, Lalelani Studios, Caps and Cans, TheFilmGuys and Iron Tusk;
thank you for making this a reality! Still a bit surreal, but yes… it did happen and we made it so. Mad Respect all round!


It’s been a truly amazing year for music and we’ve just trying to keep up really… Thanks for the sheer quality of the releases; we really enjoyed listening.

If you haven’t already seen them; we released two list this year… One for popular posts and the other for our favourite releases… Check them out here:

do hiphop’s – Readers Choice(2015)

“Choices” – do hiphops Top Albums of 2015!

Hope you find something dope from these lists..

Lastly, I’d just like to take a minute to thank our authors… couldn’t do what we do without you.
Big ups yourselves… can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the new year!

Peace! ~dhh

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