“Katalyst Sessions Vol​.1​” – A Brand New Album from Wermonster – Out Now!

Berlin-based producer Wermonster recently dropped his latest project “Katalyst Sessions Vol.1 on Uncomfortable Beats!! Got to give it a good listen last week and I really enjoyed every moment..
Check it out here:
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The Katalyst Sessions define the Uncomfortable Beats vision for Hip-Hop instrumentalism on a global level, and presents an artist whose production exemplifies the future beats movement.
Between 2010-2013, Wermonster embarked on an exploration into experimental beats in his Berlin studio, and Katalyst Sessions Vol.1 is a result of the choicest cuts. Each of the 28 tracks and skits on this fast-paced journey are short and hit solidly on point with no redundancy.
Wermonster manages to successfully traverse the fragile line of staying true to classic 90’s boom-bap, whilst generating questions and providing answers as to what the future holds for Hip-Hop instrumentalism.

Katalyst Sessions Vol.1 is available now on limited Cassette tape, and most online digital stores; You can grab the cassette right here:

For more information and to stay in touch with Wermonster:

Enjoy! ~dhh

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