“The Middle Of The World (A Moonlight Beat​-​Tape)” – New Album from Buddy Peace – Out Now!!

Chops, sequences, arrangements, edits, scratches, additional instrumentation, you name it… Buddy Peace’s new project, “The Middle Of The World (A Moonlight Beat​-​Tape)” delivers absolutely all of this and sooo much more!! The crisp production, banging drums & flawless execution ensures this album oozes it’s flavour into your brainwaves creating a comfort that you will not want to subside…
Get your copy here:
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 “Moonlight knocked me off my feet. It was a very powerful, moving film and has stayed with me since. It’s one of those perfect films for me – they don’t come along that often, but I feel like Moonlight is right in that category for me. The soundtrack had as big a part to play as the visual side, with a gorgeous blend of lush, foreboding and simmering string and piano arrangements, and straight up heavy soul. Not to mention ‘Cell Therapy’ by Goodie Mobb which is one of my all timers. When I was watching the film the first time round, admittedly a lot of my attention was drawn to these sounds – I was already thinking ahead to what I would do with them and how I would treat them at some point down the line… I knew I wanted to pay some respect to the greatness of the film, and this was the method I would end up choosing. From the original score music from Nicholas Britell (which adopted some chopped and screwed ideas to incredible effect), to some of the heavily ill digs from The Supreme Jubilees, Aretha Franklin and The Edge Of Darkness, right up to a few newer rap jams, it had me. Even at the beginning on hearing that Boris Gardiner track that Kendrick used on To Pimp A Butterfly. I was grinning from the first minute. So here is my dedication to a wonderful movie, and an equally wonderful soundtrack. Huge shouts and props to the director Barry Jenkins and the composer Nicholas Britell, and naturally the incredible cast. I’m so glad Moonlight exists, and I hope you enjoy what I have made from the music. Thanks for your eartime and airtime!” – Buddy Peace

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