“Wonderful Things” ft. Brzowski – New Music Video from Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless – Out Now!!


Hot off the fresh!! “Wonderful Things”; the brand new music video from Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless featuring Brzowski!!! Check it out here:

This track is lifted their groundbreaking 2013 album “Tap Water”…
This was also one of our Choices of 2013. Get your copy here:

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“Ciroc shot Kool Herc” – New Music Video from Ancient Mith – Out Now!!

Ancient Mith - Ciroc Shot Kool Herc

Ancient Mith recently dropped his awesome new animated music video put together by Bryan Wade / Blueswade Cartoons!! Check it out here:

Here are a few words on the track / video from the videographer:
“Any real hip hop fan during the 80’s and 90’s can appreciate the juxtapose of hearing a rap song in the grocery store in present day. Even the thought of such mainstream acceptance, at the time, seemed light years away and the real life trajectory, most likely unforeseen by the biggest enthusiasts. Ciroc shot Kool Herc is an ode to what was, what is and what might have been, in the evolution of said circumstance. The song was inspired by reports of Kool Herc (credited as the creator of hip hop) falling on hard times coupled with celebrations of P. Diddy’s son receiving a full ride scholarship to college. While these two things are unrelated, they invoked questions about ageism, classism, and commercialization in the hip hop community and the greater market outside of it. What better way to bring this to the eyes than a motion comic capturing a colourful, fevered dream within a dream about a fictional confrontation over fortune and legacy between Kool Herc and P. Diddy. The animation style is intended to reinforce the dreaminess of the beat and lyrics. The idea of creating the video as a motion comic rather than a more traditional cartoon was to remove the slickness from the art, leaving it as organic and gritty feeling as possible. Crumpled paper and splattered ink are used to create a sense of something that’s been discarded and rediscovered, like a great old comic book that’s been found at a yard sale. ‘It’s my hope that the video comes across as a genuine love letter to the legacy of hip-hop and more immediately as a tribute to Ancient Mith’s words and music. This project has been one of challenge and discovery for me, and as a print cartoonist working in motion for the first time, really a great deal of fun.’ ” – Bryan Wade

This track is lifted from Ancient Mith’s album “And The Dead Shall Lie There” entiry produced by Matr and available via Dora Dorovitch Records right here:


This album was part of our Choices of 2013 and we highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already done so.

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D R O N E S x RICKOLUS – Split 12″ – New Album Out Now!!

Drones x Rikluse - Split 12

Very pleased to be able to say that this is officially here! Check out this brand new split 12-inch EP out now on Dora Dorovitch(France).. with brand new material from Rickolus and debut project from D R O N E S (Swordplay + PT Burnem + Erik Akers of Double Rainbow)! This is an acoustic album with a twist; being both musically sound, fusing incredible lyricism making this an album to take us into the future. The message is current & I can see it being just that for many many years to come. For me, this is an instant classic!! You can stream and purchase the digital version here:

They are also currently accepting Pre-Orders for the vinyl version of this project and you can place your order over on their Bandcamp page here:

D R O N E S“D R O N E S is a folk rap group from Richmond, VA who combines acoustic and digital elements into their music. Sounding like what you might expect if Pink Floyd had ever rapped, the songs oscillate appropriately between electronic shoegaze and the droned out workings of acoustic guitars. Lyrically, D R O N E S is a paranoia soaked nosedive into the collective subconscious of America. Written from the perspective of drone operators, while sometimes taking on the homicidal voices of the drones themselves, D R O N E S offers a collection of songs that could easily be imagined sung around a post-World War III campfire”.

HD Pic 5 D R O N E S

Rickolus“Rivers and Lakes is a five part folk song about the ridiculous beautiful trials of a young romantic. It was written as a burst of words almost unconsciously pouring out of Rick Colado late at night while he was working as a projectionist at a movie theatre. The music came together when Rick showed the bare songs to his friends Anthony Anurca and Rebecca Zapen who then added their wild talent to the record, giving the songs the strange arrangement of guitar, voice, violin and bassoon. It’s a unique but familiar sound, recorded live in a little green shed in Rick’s parents backyard, the sounds blend together as if they were all coming from one source”.
HD Pic 4  Rickolus

For more Information about Dora Dorovitch, their releases and the various artists the represent, check out:
D R O N E S:

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“Causing Terror” by Triune Gods – Official Music Video Out Now!!

Triune Gods - Causing Terror

Fresh for your Friday!! bleubird (USA), Scott Da Ros (Canada), sibitt/志人 (Japan) are Triune Gods and they’ve just dropped their incredibly slick new music video for their track “Causing Terror”!! Check it out here:

This track is lifted from their album “≠Three cornered world”, available in various format’s right here:

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Swordplay & Pierre the motionless (live) – “Twice the first time (Saul Williams cover) – Brand New Video!!

SP & PtM - Cover

Check out this incredible video of Swordplay & Pierre the motionless performing Saul Williams’ track “Twice the first time”!!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out their 2013 album “Tap Water”… This was also one of our Choices of 2013. Get your copy here:

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MOODIE BLACK’s “HAWK vs. VULTURE”Official Music Video + Limited Edition 12” Picture Vinyl Out Now!!

MB Nasea

Here is the brand new video from MOODIE BLACK for their track “Hawk Vs. Vulture”!
Check it out!!

This track is lifted fromMoodie Black’s new album Nasea out now on Dora Dorovitch (Vinyl), Jarring Effects (Digital France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg) & Fake Four Inc via Redeye (CD and Digital rest of the world)!!
You can grab yourself a copy of the digital album from Fake Four here:

Also available; the limited edition 12″ picture vinyl via Dora Dorovitch!!
you can purchase the vinyl by clicking on the image below:
*Click here to purchase the "Nausea" Limited Edition 12" Picture disc!*

“Nausea. Disorienting. Anxious. Unsettled. It is hard to imagine better words for the debut release by post-noise rap pioneers Moodie Black. Like the concept of Nausea itself used in existential philosophies of Jean Paul Sartre, the album is a sonic confrontation with the beauty of an unsettled mood, a disconnection with what is everyday and common. Following up their 2013 self-titled E.P. that herald their mastery of integrating hip-hop styled rap with punishing noise, static, and industrial yet melodic soundscapes, Nausea offers audiences a different vision of what noise rap can be. Unlike the uptempo tracks found on their self-titled E.P. release (No Blood ft. Ceschi Ramos; Hipster Death; Last Griot ft. Dälek), Nausea reveals a more downtempo, near catatonic, dystopian, and beautiful mood. The band seems to have traded in raw, punishing static force, for more sophisticated ambient sounds and progressions. The album has a dark continuity and holds together well under its half-time rhythmic, head nod inducing pulses. Lyrics tell a story about the band’s frustrations with mass conformity, societal lack of sincerity, all while also paying homage to the transcendent quality of the human struggle as a meaningful one. Like the existential concept of Nausea itself, Moodie Black’s Nausea present sonic basic truths about human nature and existence. As its big beats, prodding rhythms, on point lyrical flows, wailing vocals, blissed out synth and dark guitars come crashing down upon us, Nausea upsets our everyday understanding of not only noise rap by shocking us into a new awareness about the genre, but also about what existence more generally, can be.


For more info on Moodie Black this is where to look:


This album is everything it says it is and much more.
Listen with caution…


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Triune Gods “≠ Three Cornered World” – Out Now!!

Triune Gods

Got to give this a listen the other day and found it incredibly refreshing…
Introducing Triune Gods and their all new album “≠ Three Cornered World”!!
Get your copy here:

“Three feathers come together – sibitt (MC/Singer) from Japan, bleubird (MC) from USA, and Scott Da Ros (beatmaker/producer) from Canada. These are three very different musical entities from three different worlds, who when formed together become a very powerful triad of creative authenticity. Triune Gods are a rare, multilingual, and experimental hip hop group. 
In 2008, bleubird and Scott met sibitt on tour in Japan. Already fans of each other’s music, they clicked immediately, and at that moment the plan to collaborate was set into motion. In 2010 they finally met again for a week in Montreal to record their debut album Seven Days Six Nights. It was then that they became Triune Gods. 
Together their musical output has many sides: playful, intense, tragic and beyond. With their second studio album, ≠ Three Cornered World, they were more accustomed to the process of working together – thus able to explore further into unknown and exciting territories”. 

Each of them has their own unique style of musicianship and respect from many music lovers around the world. Race, language, and orders don’t contain them. 

People, welcome to Triune Gods’ universe! 

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Swordplay & Pierre The Motionless, “When The Hurricane Comes” (Official Music Video) – OUT NOW!

Tap Water Release

Check out “When The Hurricane Comes,” the latest video from Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless’ album “Tap Water”; A collaborative effort between Richmond emcee Swordplay and French producer Pierre The Motionless!

Tap Water is available on vinyl and digital formats from Dora Dorovitch Records right here:

Read RVA Magazine’s interview with Swordplay for more about this video at http://bit.ly/17dyvGu

and if you’re in the area; you can pick up your own copy in person at the record release show on Wednesday, September 11 at Strange Matter.

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And The Dead Shall Lie There by Ancient Mith – New Album Available Now Through All Major Digital Outlets & on Compact Disc, August 27th!

Ancient Mith

Denver, Colorado’s Ancient Mith has a new album with Swiss beat maker Mattr on the Archives & Art Supplies label, available now thru all major digital outlets and on compact disc, August  27th!

You can stream and purchase the entire album, right here:

“This is the  fourth full length album from Ancient Mith and is the shedding of a ten year journey, making music in a modern reality as well as the luggage acquired along the way.
Swiss beat maker, Mattr, provides the groundwork for this electro rap record that ventures outside the usual. While waiting to find the “right” producer for the concept of “And The Dead Shall Lie There”, Ancient began writing to beats Mattr had been sending in the years prior. Slowly, as songs compiled he realized he had created what he set out to, unintentionally. Instead of sending each song as it was done, Ancient opted to complete the project, mix it and then send it back to Mattr for him sign off on the project. The album was to be accepted as a whole or not at all, meaning no tracks would be cut or redone. If Mattr didn’t like any part the album it was not to be released”.

Our opinion: Absolutely Incredible! The producer / emcee combination is one you don’t come across very often. The way the duo gel and almost merge with one another makes for one hell of an album from start to finish. Go get yourself a copy!

For more info as well as other releases these are the spaces:

Ancient-Mith au Pub Follette(22)
Archives & Art Supplies (worldwide)
Dora Dorovitch (France)

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Swordplay and Pierre the Motionless – “No T.S. Eliot” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) + Album OUT NOW!!

Tap Water

Check out this brand new video from Swordplay and Pierre the Motionless for their song, “No T.S. Eliot”, from the album “Tap Water”, on Dora Dorovitch.

Directed by Dave O’Dell.

If you haven’t already; be sure to grab yourself a copy of their latest album “Tap Water” right here:

If you hurry; there might just be one or two very limited copies left on vinyl… just don’t sleep!

It features also the likes of Brzowski, Ancient Mith, James P.Honey, Ceschi, James Reindeer & Dug Yuck and definitely a release you don’t want to miss.