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Too Good to Look Away – YUGEN BLAKROK is “Gorgon Madonna”

Too Good to Look Away – YUGEN BLAKROK is “Gorgon Madonna” in her stunning new music video lifted from the intro track of the South African artists revolutionary sophomore album ‘ANIMA MYSTERIUM’ out now on Iapetus Records(South Africa) and I.O.T. Records(France)!!

The Eye-catching, awakening visuals are like a breath of fresh air, taking in the essence of the track and throwing it back at you in live full HD colours that just hold your eyes captive right to the end. It’s a journey into the nether-realm that is the minds of both Yugen and Kanif’s forever flowing fluid soundscapes. Ironically, you can’t look away due to it’s sheer beauty even though the “”gorgon” title specifically states otherwise!

Check it out here:

‘GORGON MADONNA’ taken from the album ‘ANIMA MYSTERIUM (Released on 1. February 2019)

Check Full Album here [ ]

 “In old Mythology, Medusa (The Gorgon) is cursed by Zeus and is made a monster than Man must fear. No one can look into her eyes as they’ll be turned to stone. The Virgin Mary (The Black Madonna) in religion, as much as she’s the vessel that carries the Christ into the world, is somehow excluded from the Holy Trinity. It is out of this vilification and exclusion of the female element that these two entities meet. Both inspire fear in Man. The Gorgon Madonna is the wrath of Medusa and Mary. The Divine Feminine in the guise of the ultimate warrior: the woman scorned.” ~ Yugen Blakrok


“For this music video I focused on animating the artist’s metaphors without illustrating them in a strictly literal way. From her prose I let emerge a collection of hybrid and extraordinary characters. These characters commune to represent a form of transversality. Transversality of time (youth-old age), of matter (organic-electric), of genre (masculine-feminine) and of species (animal-human)…” ~ Yann Marquis (Director)

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:

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Enjoy! ~dhh


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