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besatree cantthink

“Can’t Think” – New Single from Besatree – Out Now!!

Check out this simply stunning track from Besatree called “Can’t Think”!!

“Can’t Think” is a song about growing older and the wear and tear we as humans take in doing so… More specifically it’s about Besatree slowly losing his hearing… and his mind as a result. Probably the single most scary thought for any passionate musician or music lover. Really loved the overall result and message of this track and I’ve had it on prominent rotation since I first heard it.

For more information about Besatree check out:

Enjoy! ~dhh

The Haze

“Rogue” – Brand New Music Video from THE HAZE – Out Now!

Hot off the fresh!! Check out this awesome new video from The Haze for their track “Rogue”:

Buy the song or full album here (merch also available):
http://thehaze.net (physicals, digi-downloads, merch)

Besatree (of CLDMKRS) & Kid Presentable!!! (of CLDMKRS).
Produced by: Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat

Directed by: MudsOne

We also shared some thoughts on the full project here:
The Haze: Album Launch

For more info, this is where to look:
Besatree: http://twitter.com/besatree
Kid Presentable!!!: http://twitter.com/kid_presentable
Haunted Days/Witch’s Teat:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Haunte…

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Smokey Joe & the Kid

SMOKEY JOE & THE KID – The Game(Ep) – Out Now!!

Word up People!

Hope you’re having a good week so far and we’re gonna share some good tunes with you to make it even better…

I recently had the honour of checking out the new EP from Banzai Lab production duo Smokey Joe & The Kid called “The Game” and all I can say is WOW!! This EP is an incredible blend of multiple instruments, percussion, scratches and on point lyricism making up one hell of an EP that you simply can’t miss.
“In this project, Smokey Joe, Bordeaux’s main musical mafia head, and The Kid aka “Senbeï,” cheeky Parisian master of Turntablism, transport us back in time to the gangster run streets of 1930’s Chicago. These two gangsters mix Hip Hop and Electro with the groove and melodies of early 20th century Swing. Percussion solos played with scratches ,beats and melodies banged out on the MPC, everything is performed live.
A year after their acclaimed first album « Nasty Tricks » (Banzaï Lab – 2013), the most wanted gangsters of the electro Hip-Hop scene are back with a new EP “The Game”, recorded between Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Smokey Joe & The Kid_Photo

Clearly Hip-Hop oriented, with samples still taken from traditional american music of early XXth century, Smokey Joe & The Kid took a trip to California to record 4 tracks, each powerful, captivating and overall, absolutely brilliant.

Smokey Joe & The Kid : « We wanted to step out of pure jazz and to get more into the roots of all modern music : the Blues. We drove a lot during our stay in California, and west American landscape fed our imaginary world, as much as the heat of Los Angeles’ streets.”

After collaborating on their first opus with Puppetmastaz, Lateef The Truthspeaker, or Youthstar (Chinese Man), the duo hired this time accomplices from the US West Coast : Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), NON Genetic (Shadowhuntaz) and The Procussions (Watch the making of the EP). Gift of Gab gives a conscious message on “Stay Awake” when NON tells all about his touring experiences “What goes on tour stays on tour” (Gifted Child). Finally, The Procussions end the EP with poetry on “Temptation”.

« The Game » is clearly in reference to the famous “Rap Game” of which they make a personal interpretation, finding there the game field of their old-fashioned megalomania.


Since 2013, Smokey Joe & The Kid work with the VJ Miss Chemar to deliver a unique A/V Show that mixes old school movies and original pictures of the duo. The strong interaction with the audience makes this a fun, original and incredibly dynamic show”!

You can listen to the first single “Stay Awake” ft. The Gift of Gab and purchase your copy right here:

Gift-of-Gab-1-300x199Gift of Gab (From Blackalicious)


The Procussions

Non-genetic-300x168NON Genetic

Also, be sure to check out the video for the making of “The Game” here:

I really enjoyed this EP and highly recommend getting a copy!

For more information on Smokey Joe & The Kid, check out:

Peace! ~dhh

BAmbu - party worker

BAMBU – WELCOME TO THE PARTY – Official Music Video Out Now!!!

Hot off the fresh…
Bambu just dropped this epic new music video for his track “Welcome to the Party”!!! Check it out here:

This is the official music video from Bambu’s upcoming full-length, people-powered album, Party Worker.
Please find out how you can get involved in the project here:

Be sure to stay in touch with Bambu at the following spaces:

Enjoy! ~dhh


“THEHAZE” Self Titled Album – Pre-Orders Available Now!

Had the privilege of listening to this really awesome album last night and man I’m really digging it… very fresh production and on point lyricism; I can highly recommend checking it out!
THEHAZE---album-artIntroducing “THEHAZE” consisting of emcees Besatree and Kid Presentable!!! (CLDMKRS, Los Angeles, CA) and Haunted days and Witches Teat (Rennes, France) are a collective of artists making music on their own terms. Their self titled ep, (releasing 3/4/2014) is a paranoia laced lyrical opus, backed by a cinematic soundscape littered with ghostly pianos and synths. Walking a thin line between surreal and boombap, THEHAZE is underground noir for a new generation of hip hop heads.
“This album is their attempt to blend dense introspective prose over cinematic, almost noir beats. Dictated by ghostly pianos and synths that provide the perfect backdrop for the lyrically heavy, and intellectual flow, it steadily progresses: switching vantage points and topics seamlessly. Sharp yet fluid, it sets the bar higher than when they found it, and leaving a blueprint on how to diverge from the beaten path”.
You can stream their debut single “Two Steps Back (ft Sick Rat)” and Pre-order the digital album here:
They are currently offering pre-orders of the physical album and you can grab it over on their Bancamp page here:
http://the-haze.bandcamp.com/album/thehazeFor more information and to stay in touch with THEHAZE and their members these are the places to look:


Besatree’s “SOILED” – New Album Out Now!

Late last year Besatree of CLDMKRS dropped his fresh new solo album!
Check it out here:

I’m sure he’d really appreciate your support but would also like you to be able to hear it if you can’t afford to… so just in case;
You can download the album for free here:

“Soiled, is a brand new collection of self-produced songs from hip-hop producer and emcee Besatree. The EP serves as a thoughtful catalyst to the times in life when an individual needs to hunker down and get a bit dirty to make the necessary changes that are needed to grow”.

Peace! ~dhh


Murs 316 “S.O.S.” (posse cut) f. Kosha Dillz, Jabee, Reverie, Cash Lansky, Marley B, Optimal – Music Video Out Now!!

Check out this fresh new video for MURS 316′ track “S.O.S.”…
It’s a crazy posse cut for his 316 label and features the likes of Kosha Dillz, Jabee, Reverie, Cash Lansky, Marley B, Optimal…

download “S.O.S.” at soundcloud.com/murs316/sos
MursWorld.com | Twitter [@murs] | Facebook | Instagram [@label316]

@reverielove | @koshadillz | @cashlansky | @mynameisjabee | @marleyb_520

“Label 316, the new imprint headed by Los Angeles emcee Murs, presents the Pharaoh Davis-directed music video for “S.O.S.”, featuring Kosha Dillz (NJ), Jabee (OKC), Cash Lansky and Marley B (Tucson), Optimal (Phoenix) and Reverie (L.A.). The video was shot in Reno, Nevada at the Beach Hut Deli.  to meet in Reno, Nevada at the Beach Hut Deli to shoot the video. “I started this label as a platform for all the hard working artists out there  I felt deserved a more. I for one believe that this game is 10% talent and 90% work ethic. And you won’t find one lazy artist on this roster.”

Enjoy! ~ dhh

CitS b&E

Bliss n Eso – My Life (feat. Ceekay Jones) – Official Video Clip

Peace people… welcome to December!!
though we’d kick it off with the latest video offering from Bliss ‘n Eso, for their track “My Life” (featuring .Ceekay Jones)!

After spending the past couple of months of 2013 travelling to Afghanistan to perform, touring through Canada, L.A and Las Vegas as well as catching up with old friends, Bliss 'n Eso present the video for our track "My Life' featuring Ceekay Jones.

In addition to some big moments from their recent trip, (including Eso's wedding in Las Vegas!) this video centers around their friend and Australian FMX athlete Cam (sincs) Sinclair's near-fatal crash at the 2009 Red Bull X Fighters Freestyle Motocross event in Madrid, then his incredible comeback at the 2010 X Games in Los Angeles. "My Life" also features some of their other mates inspirational stories including Robbie Maddison, TJ Lavin, Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, Jaie Toohey, Cam White, James Doerfling and a bunch of other world class athletes.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of the full “Circus in the Sky” album right here:

Peace! ~ dhh


THERVPY by I.Q. (Intentionally Quaint) – New Album Out Now!

Check out the new one “I.Q.(Intentionally Quaint)” .This is a follow-up album to his first release “Sound Lab” titled “THERVPY” which was released Nov. 15th. Been bumping this over the weekend and I’m really liking it… Too fresh!

"Originally from Los Angeles (818 Valley) IQ spent some time in the Bay Area, California before making his way back to LA. In between he's collaborated with some talented groups. One of them an artist collective from the Bay Area that he releases music with called Open University. Another group he is affiliated with is the Zulu Nation Chapters on the West Coast. Of the new young independent artist emerging from the west coast IQ strives to offer guidance and a more esoteric realm of rhymes for the new youth".


Twitter/Instagram : @IQonTheBeats
Facebook: Facebook.com/IQonTheBeats

Peace! ~dhh

screwed (1)


Jonwayne’s “Rap Album One” is now out on double LP, CD, Digital!! Check it out here:

"Jonwayne came onto the Los Angeles music scene by way of the east Los Angeles club Low End Theory circa 2008-09, then emerging as the epicenter of a new generation of hip-hop beat makers: Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, Kutmah, Daedelus. Fresh out of high school, Jonwayne jumped in with homemade rap mixtapes and immersed himself in the scene. "It felt like a golden age," he says, "it was very inspiring."

He first became known as a producer, releasing the instrumental album Bowser (2011) – but it was his over-sized skill on the mic that caught the attention of Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf, who signed him to record an album as an MC.  

As Jon set to work on his debut rap project, he let his presence be known with a series of tapes: Cassette, Cassette 2 and Cassette 3. Each was unplanned, the releases prompted by Jon’s prolific output. And by this time even lawyers for the tobacco conglomerate Phillip Morris took notice of Jonwayne, serving him with a cease & desist notice for a cassette that looked like a pack of Marlboros.

Jon Wayne is the MC/producer's birth name. The Hollywood cowboy, John Wayne (real name Marion Morrison) took his famous screen name from Jonwayne's great-great-great-great-great uncle, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, a player in the American Revolutionary War. True story. Now Jonwayne's taking back the name - what goes around comes around.

About the vinyl: The double LP edition of Rap Album One contains two inner sleeves with the records cut to play at 45 RPM. Playing the records at 33 1/3 RPM is the "screwed" version". 
Mass Appeal: Jonwayne's Myth Making & Melancholy 
LA Weekly: "One of the best rap albums of the year" 

Here’s a few tracks from the album:

really digging this one and I highly recommend checking it out…

Enjoy! ~ dhh