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Blueprint’s “Silver Lining” Official Music Video + “Respect the Architect” New Album Out Now!!

Blueprint just dropped his brand new project “Respect the Architect”!!
This is the second video from the album called “Silver Lining”…
Check it out here:

“Respect the Architect” is produced entirely by Blueprint himself, except for the track “Perspective,” (which is produced by Imakemadbeats) and features guest appearances from Count Bass D, Illogic, and Midaz the Beast.!
You can grab yourself a copy in a variety of options right here:

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JE Dbl F - S4tSD

“SONGS FOR THE SLEEP DEPRIVED” – Brand New Album from JE double F – Out Now!!!

I’m very pleased to announce that J E Double F’s fresh new album “Songs for the Sleep Deprived” has just arrived and is officially available for download right here!!!

This is definitely one album you do not wanna miss out on, so get on it!

Also, just in case you missed it, this is the Official video for the debut track “Nightscare” lifted from the album… Check it out here:

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Sleep oregon failure

Sleep X Maulskull’s “Oregon Failure” New Album Out Now!

Sleep of Old Dominion just dropped a brand new album called ‘Oregon Failure’ and it’s really fresh! Set to Maulskull’s heavy hitting, up-tempo dreamtrap, the album’s themes touch on trial and error, effort and failure, and ultimately perseverance.
Be sure to get yourself a copy here:

“A master of poly-rhythmic turnarounds, chopping double time, Sleep builds up 
cadence the way Diplo builds towards the drop. Never coming off phony or Polyannaish, young go-hards and old school heads alike can identify with the anthems of ‘Oregon Failure’.”

For more information on Sleep, these are the links:

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Sapient Light tiger

Sapient’s “Light Tiger” – New Album Pre-Orders Available Now!

Sapient just announced the second volume in the Eaters legacy, “Light Tiger”!!
Check it out here:

You can Pre-Order the album here -

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ATB the sleeping camp

Al’Tarba – “The Sleeping Camp” Official Video + New E.P. OUT NOW!

Al’Tarba just dropped this awesome new Video for his title track and EP “The Sleeping Camp”… Check it out here!!

As a turning point in a search for sounds with darker moods, this new EP is the introduction of his new album “Let the Ghosts Sing” due for release later this year!

You can get your copy here:

 cd1d-logo     spotify

“The Sleeping Camp securities and Dusty Signal present ghostly atmospheres that will haunt future album Toulouse. With its misty and dreamlike songs, The Sleeping Camp returns to the world of gypsies and the magic. References can be found through the guitars and synthesizers on the heady title Dusty Signal. With this EP Al’Tarba invokes the ghosts who are awake on the future album. The new song “Hey Boys or ” n is a tribute to the collaboration initiated with live DJ Nix’On past year. Indeed it brings its scratches which have the effect of boosting the title and offered him a summer flavour. Al’Tarba but do not forget his first love , featuring the Dirt Platoon returns on a hip- hop and hardcore rough bases with flows that make violence. This EP also announced the release of two clips that are in the general spirit developed by Al’Tarba over 4 tracks”.

Really excited that this EP is here and I really can’t wait for the full album!

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Solenp1 - Warfare

“Warfare” – New 4 track EP from Sole and DJ Pain 1!

sole-dj-pain1-fuck-alex-jones-660x400sole-dj-pain1-fuck-alex-jones-660x400 Serving as the lead single for the  4 track Warfare EP, “Fuck Alex Jones” is a sarcastic and belligerent attack on Alex Jones and conspiracy theory culture.  The lo-fi video directed by sole and filmed in his recording studio, is a montage of YouTube nonsense, agit-prop & radical theory. Sole & DJ Pain 1’s  DEATHDRIVE LP drops on June 10th via Black Canyon/ Africantape and is available for pre-order on  Sole & Pain 1 have recently been featured in  SpinUgsmag, Urb, Mowno, Noisemag The Daily Dot. Peace! – DKB

Aes The Blob

Aesop Rock’s “The Blob” New… and FREE Mix Out Now!

Happy Friday all!

Aesop Rock just dropped a brand new mix called “The Blob”!
Download The Blob from Soundcloud:

or Stream The Blob on YouTube:

The Blob is a 32-minute, continuous mix of beats & sounds that have otherwise been orphaned by their hell-bound father. It is largely unmixed and occasionally offensive,” offered Aesop Rock. “James Lynch played bass on the one that sounds like an elf orgy. Allyson Baker played guitar on the last one. Mastered by Joey Raia.”

Aesop continued on to say, “You can play it with your friends, you can rap to it, you can dance to it, you can play it at a party, you could build a house to it, you can play it in the bedroom, you can play it in front of your parents. The best part about it? This is 100% free, and downloadable, on the computer-net.”

Here’s a few words from the man himself:

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Lee Scott - Tunnel Deep

Lee Scott’s “Tunnel Deep” – Official Music Video + New Album Pre-Orders Available Now!

Hot off the fresh!! Lee Scott just dropped this awesome video for his track “Tunnel Deep”… Check it out here:

It’s from his upcoming release “Tin Foil Fronts” now available to Pre-Order from Blah Records right here:
Lee Scott ‘Tin Foil Fronts’

For all you need to know about Lee Scott this is the space:!leescott/c12fj

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She Rex The Heist

SHE REX – “The Heist” – Official Music Video Out Now!

Australia’s  SHE REX recently dropped this really slick video for their latest single “The Heist”!! Check it out:

You can also purchase their self titled EP on iTunes here:

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Us Natives Oddiology

“Oddiology” Brand New Instrumental Compilation by Us Natives – OUT NOW!!

Us Natives just dropped an extremely fresh new instrumental compilation called Oddiology featuring various producers from all over the world!!
You can grab a copy at a name your price download right here:

“Us Natives (us not U.S.) is a music production duo consisting of Ill Clinton and John E Cab out of Philadelphia, PA, two hiphop producers disenchanted by the ludicrous egos of the prima donnas they encountered in the modern music world. The two began to make beats together in the summer of 2011″.

To stay in touch with Us Natives these are the places to go:
Ill Clinton
John E Cab

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