Scallops Hotel Animated Picture

scallops hotel’s sovereign nose of (y​)​our arrogant face!

And now for the first actual 2018 album announcement of the year and what an album it is!!! “sovereign nose of (y​)​our arrogant face” is the epic new album from Milwaukee hiphop phenomenon scallops hotel …

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Ecid, How to Fake Your Own Death

Album: “ How to Fake Your Own Death “ with Ecid!

Ever wondered how to fake your own death..? Well, never fear… Ecid is here with the answers to satisfy even the most inquisitive of minds!! The album begins and I’m in immediately filled with this …

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Onewerd, Inner Truths, Music Video, Alive

Video: The ” Inner Truths ” of OneWerd!!

San Mateo hiphop artist Onewerd is back and bad as ever with the visuals for his track “Inner Truths!! Check it out here: Not only is this Onewerd’s debut video… but also completely DIY; shooting …

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Onewerd, Alive, Album

Album: OneWerd comes “Alive” on Epic New Album!

Time for some severe freshness with the epic new album from San Mateo hiphop phenomenon Onewerd!! It’s aptly named “Alive” and that’s exactly what it is… The amount of effort and just downright heart and …

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“who told you to think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!” – Brand New Album from milo – Out Now!!

Happy Friday all!! Very happy to say that milo recently dropped his epic, very highly anticipated new album “”who told you to think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!” and it’s quite simply put… Fresh to death!! Let me not bore …

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“7 Vessels” – New Album from Kay The Aquanaut + “Rowboat” – Music Video Out Now!

“7 Vessels” is the all new album and 6th collaboration between Kay the Aquanaut and Factor Chandelier!! Kay’s swooping raps culminate perfectly with the classic Factor production to conjure a vibe that could wake the …

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“Black Phillip” – Brand New Mixtape from Onry Ozzborn – Out Now!!

ok… well this is pretty incredible. “Black Phillip” is the all new terrifyingly intrepid tale told by Oldominion founding member Onry Ozzborn, curated and mixed by J. Ohm… Get your copy for free right here: For …

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“over the carnage rose a voice prophetic” – New Album from scallops hotel – Out Now!

“over the carnage rose a voice prophetic”  new album from scallops hotel aka. Milo and it’s quite simply stunning, but then, we’ve come to expect nothing less from an artist pushing beyond the realms of …

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“Cut The Body Loose” – New Album from Astronautalis – Out Now!

“Cut The Body Loose” is the fresh new album from Minnasota emcee Astronautalis!! Get your copy right here: For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces: Facebook Instagram Twitter Enjoy! ~dhh

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“Silence Speaks : Volume One” – New Album from Tommy V – Out Now!!

Been waiting patiently on this and today is the day!! I mean, what better way to kick it into weekend mode than the epicness that is the all new instrumental album from Tommy V!! This …

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